Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Two or three years ago the ceiling fan in our den FELL DOWN onto the coffee table.  Luckily, the table was one that I bought at an unfinished furniture store, stained and polyurethaned (I don't really think that's a word).  I wanted something that my kids could bang on and spill food on with minimal damage.  Actually, I couldn't find a coffee table big enough so I bought a dining table and cut off the legs.  Anyway, no kids or furniture was hurt in the fall.

Since then, we have just had this wire sticking out of a small burnished-brass ceiling medallion.

So what do you think of the fixtures below?

I am finding them all over the internet and magazines.  What's really cool is that you can hot glue coffee filters to them like flowers, cover them in fabric, paint them or whatever.  On a budget of ZERO, I might try to do this in the den.  You'll be hearing more about the den renovation (and others in the house) as we go along.

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