Friday, September 30, 2011

TREND WATCH - Updated Florals

This post is sort of a follow-up to my recent post on Designer's Guild and chintz.  As noted, these fabrics may not be glazed like chintz (give me some poetic license!) but the floral patterns are similar.  I have started to see these designs in my internet research and in magazines.  What's different from the 80's chintz, you ask?  Well, the patterns in these fabrics are a little oversized and they have much more intense colors.  One more great thing these designers have done?  They paired these fabrics with other trendy styles such as geometrics and stripes.
Channeling Dorothy Draper via Lonny

Picture 20

via Decor Pad
living rooms - ivory sofa pink floral pillows pink rug gold  Pretty in pink  white sofa, pink floral pillows, acrylic lucite coffee table

New 'Rhododendron' Fabric by Carlton Varney/Dorothy Draper

Eddie Ross does a Carlton Varney Window

Look how John Loecke mixed the chintz fabric on the seat cushions with the geometric fabric on the rest of the sofa.  This helps update the floral design.  Also, check out the ceiling.  See more about John Loecke HERE.

Designer Meg Braff mixed her floral fabric with geometric carpet, a green leopard print sofa and chinoiserie lamps.  See more about her HERE.

Off course we have to include one of the new Lilly Pulitzer florals, which is updated here by pairing it with painted wood (instead of stained) and a zebra rug.

Here's another Lilly Pulitzer fabric on a sofa paired with a chevron rug and trellis chairs.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

QUICK PIC - Interesting Lighting Makes a Huge Difference!

Check out this fab room designed by Eddie Ross.  The unique light fixture adds such great visual interest to the room.  If he had just hung a regular brushed nickel flush mount fixture the room would not be nearly as fabulous. 

Eddie Ross is one of my favorite designers.  I will profile him in a later post.  If you want to read more about him now, click HERE.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DESIGNER'S GUILD FABRICS - Not Your Mother's Chintz!

Well, technically these fabrics aren't chintz (with the glazing) but they are a more modern version of traditional floral patterns.  Just check out these updated styles from Designer's Guild, which is based in London.  I love their use of brighter colors and their oversized designs.  For fun I also threw in some samples of their geometrics and chinoiseries at the bottom.

Capucheen in Peony - sort of Ikat meets Damask!

Fluers du Midi in Peony

China Rose in Cassis

Maddalena in Jade

Fidelio in Dove

Valeria in Jade on the right

Clarinda in Crocus

Carmen in Lapis

Pettitcoat Lane in Sherbet

Kabuki Lanterns in Parma

Leopold in Leaf

Leopold on the wall and the benches

Padget in Acacia on the windows

Friday, September 23, 2011

QUICK PIC - Traditional & Modern Mix

I wanted to share this picture because it sums up one of my deepest beliefs in life:


In other words, mix it up.  Do something different.  When it comes to interiors,
don't stick to the safe choice.  If this room had a conservative oriental rug
 and typical brass chandelier it wouldn't be nearly as interesting.

TRIVIA LESSON - Blue Porch Ceilings

If you are a design addict (like me) you have probably noticed that it's popular to paint porch ceilings a light blue color.  Do you know why?  We will discuss several reasons after this photo example I posted below:

Sunroom with blue ceiling from Better Homes & Gardens link HERE

Victorians, with their fascination in all things nature & animals, prefered light blue to mimic the sky.  Another reason to go blue is the theory that the color keeps spiders and other bugs away.  Theoretically, they stay away from the "sky" blue color because bugs are more susceptible to attack from predators while in the sky.

Poogan's Porch Restaurant in Charleston SC with Haint Blue

By far my favorite reason to go blue is the Gullah tradition in the low country of South Carolina, Georgia and Louisianna.  They believe that the pale blue-green color keeps the "haints" away.  These are spirits or ghosts with bad intentions.  Many people refer to this color as "Haint Blue".  HERE is a link to some Haint Blue history.

Charleston house rental - Beautifully restored Charleston home in Historic d
Rental from

Monday, September 19, 2011


While surfing the blog world I stumbled across designer Mayme Baker of Greenville, SC.  She is a principal in Mayme Baker Studio.  Their website is HERE.   Her blog, Too Much of a Good Thing, can be found HERE.  I love how she mixes traditional items and cottage style with a few modern touches.  I am trying to bring more bright, clear color into my house and I see lots of inspiration in her work.

WOW!  This woman does it all.  She runs an interior design firm, owns a store, and finds time to paint abstracts.   The first set of photos are from some of the rooms she has worked on (I think some are from her own home).  The second set are photos from a profile in the online magazine HOUSE OF FIFTY.  After those are photos of one of her works of art, jewelry from her store, and an invite to a holiday open house at her store.  Wish I could have been there for that party; I am sure it was a great time!

One of her abstract paintings

Jewelry from her store

Holiday Open House Invite