Monday, September 19, 2011


While surfing the blog world I stumbled across designer Mayme Baker of Greenville, SC.  She is a principal in Mayme Baker Studio.  Their website is HERE.   Her blog, Too Much of a Good Thing, can be found HERE.  I love how she mixes traditional items and cottage style with a few modern touches.  I am trying to bring more bright, clear color into my house and I see lots of inspiration in her work.

WOW!  This woman does it all.  She runs an interior design firm, owns a store, and finds time to paint abstracts.   The first set of photos are from some of the rooms she has worked on (I think some are from her own home).  The second set are photos from a profile in the online magazine HOUSE OF FIFTY.  After those are photos of one of her works of art, jewelry from her store, and an invite to a holiday open house at her store.  Wish I could have been there for that party; I am sure it was a great time!

One of her abstract paintings

Jewelry from her store

Holiday Open House Invite 

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