Friday, September 23, 2011

TRIVIA LESSON - Blue Porch Ceilings

If you are a design addict (like me) you have probably noticed that it's popular to paint porch ceilings a light blue color.  Do you know why?  We will discuss several reasons after this photo example I posted below:

Sunroom with blue ceiling from Better Homes & Gardens link HERE

Victorians, with their fascination in all things nature & animals, prefered light blue to mimic the sky.  Another reason to go blue is the theory that the color keeps spiders and other bugs away.  Theoretically, they stay away from the "sky" blue color because bugs are more susceptible to attack from predators while in the sky.

Poogan's Porch Restaurant in Charleston SC with Haint Blue

By far my favorite reason to go blue is the Gullah tradition in the low country of South Carolina, Georgia and Louisianna.  They believe that the pale blue-green color keeps the "haints" away.  These are spirits or ghosts with bad intentions.  Many people refer to this color as "Haint Blue".  HERE is a link to some Haint Blue history.

Charleston house rental - Beautifully restored Charleston home in Historic d
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