Friday, September 16, 2011


As you know, print publications are struggling today in the face of online information.  The design world is no different.  Today I will discuss some online shelter magazines.  They are a great resource because they are FREE!

Current issue
LONNY was the first magazine to go viral (October 2009) and it is the one that others strive to measure up to.  It was founded by Patrick Cline and Michele Adams.  Michele worked at crowd favorite Domino until it folded in early 2009.

RUE, based in San Francisco, was founded by Anne Sage & Crystal Gentilello.  They have issues every two months.

MATCHBOOK, also based in San Francisco, was founded by Jane Lilly Warren and Katie Armour in January 2011.  It also premiers new issues every two months.  Katie has a cute blog called The Neo-Traditionalist.

HIGH GLOSS, based in Texas, was founded by Paloma Contreras in February 2011.  It comes out every two months.

TRAD HOME is a trial collaboration between Lonny and the regular print Traditional Home.

IVY AND PIPER is based in Australia.  We will discuss the explosion of Australia on the design scene in a later post.

ADORE is another Australian shelter mag.  I am telling you-things are popping in Australia!

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