Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DESIGNER'S GUILD FABRICS - Not Your Mother's Chintz!

Well, technically these fabrics aren't chintz (with the glazing) but they are a more modern version of traditional floral patterns.  Just check out these updated styles from Designer's Guild, which is based in London.  I love their use of brighter colors and their oversized designs.  For fun I also threw in some samples of their geometrics and chinoiseries at the bottom.

Capucheen in Peony - sort of Ikat meets Damask!

Fluers du Midi in Peony

China Rose in Cassis

Maddalena in Jade

Fidelio in Dove

Valeria in Jade on the right

Clarinda in Crocus

Carmen in Lapis

Pettitcoat Lane in Sherbet

Kabuki Lanterns in Parma

Leopold in Leaf

Leopold on the wall and the benches

Padget in Acacia on the windows

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