Monday, September 5, 2011

TREND WATCH - Venetian Chandeliers

Virginia Garden Week is a dream come true for house voyeurs.  While Roanoke only hosts one day of tours, Richmonders have three days!  I have a dear friend who lives in Richmond so I frequently get to stay with her and attend all three days.  Getting to see over 15 fabulous homes in our state capitol gives you a real sense of what's hot.  This year I saw zebra rugs in almost all of the houses, which was not really a "new" trend; it's been around for a while.  What I did notice that was new is a bunch of Venetian chandeliers.  They're the ones made with beautiful glass or crystal, frequently in color.  Some of them have some gorgeous hand-blown components.  I'd say at least half of the homes on the tour had one of these.  Below are some photos that I took while in Richmond on the tour.  Note the Ogee rug at the bottom; we'll talk geometric rugs later.  As you can see, these can take on any style: Victorian, modern, shabby chic, etc.

Richmond kitchen: same kitchen, different angles.

Richmond family room.  Note the Ogee rug.


JD dining room
designer Jamie Drake's personal dining room

bedroom of Stephane & Frouwkje Pagani of Pagani Studio Lighting

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